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Main goal of this project is to create tool, which helps people with learning words, when they learn foreign language. The way is, that you will create your own personal dictionary, which program compare with textfiles (subtitle for instance) and shows onlny new words for you.

I learn english. I know it´s not very simple learn foreign language. Firstly you have to get know hundrets new words. Once you already know some words, how you will continue? You know basic words, but you have to go further. One way is write down somewhere words you don´t know and then translate and remember them. Many people found out this as slow but effective. It needs speed up. I decided to write program which will do it.

Main idea is simple. One file represents words you know. Other file would (for instance subtitle, part of wikipedia text or document) on the other hand represents text in foreign language. This means that you some words already know and other are not known. The dirty work which this program does is that compare this two files and tell you which words you don´t know (because they are´t in first file). Usually it takes some time to fill first file (your personal dictionary), but as this is gone, then searching for new files in any text will take just few seconds!

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